Portfolio Service

Adviser Access

You have access to an adviser via the telephone or email between the hours of 8.15am to 5:00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.30am – 1pm on Fridays.

Computer Record Maintained

We will maintain a computer record of your financial plans so we know your up to date position at anytime. A copy can be provided upon request.

Correspondence Management

We frequently receive letters, email and phone calls from companies that provide the financial solutions to our clients. We will deal with these on your behalf.

Professionals Referral & Liaison

We are able to introduce you to, liaise with or update any other professionals (e.g. Accountants, Solicitors etc.) as and when needed.

Second Opinion Service

You can call if you read, hear or see anything that you think may effect your circumstances or indeed if you have any new ideas or thoughts that you wish to share. Likewise we will look to seek a second opinion on a subject that is outside the scope of our expertise.

Portfolio Valuations

You are able to gain online access to your portfolio (where possible)as well as a paper valuation annually from your investment provider.

Portfolio Maintenance

Once your investment solution is up and running we will regularly ensure that it is being monitored and researched to ensure ongoing suitability.

Portfolio Access

If you require access to any money from your portfolio we will review your options to advise how your money can be accessed in the most tax efficient way possible in order to maximise your returns.

Additional Services

If there is anything else you think we can do to help please feel free to ask. If any additional fees are required you will be advised. For example Pension Transfer Advice, Retirement Planning Report, IHT Planning Service and/or Annuity Advice.